Dalin - 意大利定制婚纱 Italian Tailor Made Wedding Dress

5月12日,意大利著名婚纱品牌DALIN执行总裁Fabio Camastra先生率领团队首次来到虎丘婚纱城考察,不仅带来了DALIN品牌充满个性的婚纱时尚,还搭建了虎丘婚纱城与意大利婚纱品牌交流与合作的平台。

Dalin is talking with Huqiu Bridal City in suzhou to establish the DALIN flagship store in China, have a look at the link:


for information contact sales@dalin.asia, Fanny@dali.asia or judy@dalin.asia

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The wedding fashion according to Dalin.

The Dalin line, created by the founder Giovanni Quaranta with his masterly work, is dedicated to the bride who has a clear consciousness of her femininity and who looks for a precise mark of style, value and class in her wedding gown. 
The Vinnì line offers to the modern bride who desires to choose a cutting edge product its stylistic masterpieces. The line theme tells a fashion story that emerges through impalpable materials, embroideries, laces and brand new accessories that make unique and innovative every dress. 
We are pleased to present the DALIN and e VINNI’ collections, fruit of tailor love and Italian pride, that, we are trustful, you’ll be glad to share.

The passion for our forty yearly activity, the continuous stylistic and modellistic research, the care for everything about image, fashion and communication, a process of manifacture that takes place entirely in our factory, these are the elements that makeDalin take the spotlights among the exclusive tailoring elite of theItalian wedding fashion. Stepping inside Dalin’s world means committing yourself to a qualified staff of professionals able to garantee: product, impeccable wearability, exclusive image and every kind of service. It also means buying an item marked by a refined and brilliant taste, never forgetting the equilibrium among quality, service and price, which is necessary to successfully satisfy even the most demanding bride desires.

The precious contribution of qualified dress-makers that, with competence and professionalism, assure a precise and punctual service; the use of automatic systems to manage modellistic and cut blended with sheer handicraft art; the operative enthusiasm of the very young owners: Vinni, brillant and imaginative stylist, Silvino and Vito, in charge of the commercial and administrative sectors of the company, ensure the brides the accomplishment of a dream that becomes true: seducing, elegant and feminine dresses, showing valuable style and manufacturing perfection.

DALIN 婚纱即将登陆中国,敬请期待。中国首家店铺将于2014年3月29号10:30am盛大开业。地址:苏州市平江区苏站西路1599号好百年国际婚纱广场二楼9-207/209。 如果您对DALIN婚纱感兴趣,请通过以下方式联系我们: 电话 :18217677351 或者 18221611933 邮箱:office@asiatrading.hk 中英文网站即将建成,点击此处了解更多:http://dalin.it

DALIN SHOP OPENING 29.3.2014 10:30am SUZHOU CHINA - Address:9-207/209 2nd Floor Haobainian International Wedding Dress Square No.1599 West Suzhan Road, Pingjiang, Suzhou.


DALIN 婚纱即将登陆中国,敬请期待。

中国首家店铺将于2014年3月29号 10:30am 盛大开业。



电话 :18217677351 或者 18221611933

邮箱:sales@dalin.asia, Fanny@dali.asia or judy@dalin.asia