Our manufacturers

Industry is still the main pillar of China’s economy and, recently, China’s manufacturing industries have been experiencing profound changes. These changes involve individual firms’ sustainable competence, but also the agglomeration competitiveness at industrial level.

Among various changes, the most important is the phenomenon of regional clusters of specialized industries. In each of the regional cluster localities, thousands of enterprises have been formed and clustered together. Through the analysis, the researchers affirm how the clusters sustain high performance of industry competitiveness.

ATC cooperates and work directly with many factories all over Asia, especially in China. Past experience gave us expertise in many different product categories such as garments, building materials or outdoor equipment. This make us your reliable purchasing partner in Asia.

We have been working in the sourcing, supply chain and quality management sector for many years and we will assist you from product development to the final delivery, purchasing directly from the factory and set up the production according to your requirements.

Bag Factory
Our bag factory is strategically located in the hearth of Fujian. Xiamen and Quanzhou are china’s main clusters for bags and garments made of technical materials. Many factories in this area focus on the production of bags and accessories. Most syntetic fabrics like polyester, tarpaulin and nylon are directly produced in the same area.

Fridge and minibar
Our hotel supplies factories, specialized in minibars; fridges and wine coolers are based in Guangdong in the area of Foshan. Guandong is the biggest manufacturing cluster in China and therefore it has also many specialized clusters within the same Province. The main focus lies on technological and electronic products.

Led Furniture
Also our Led furniture supplier is based in Guangdong but in the area of Shenzhen. Shenzhen has developed since the 90s from a small fisher village to a major manufacturing hub with a population of almost 10 Million and proximity to Hong Kong.

Bike locks
Our Bike lock factory is located in another very important cluster in Wenzhou in the region of Zhejiang. This are has developed rapidly thanks to its proximity to Shanghai and the fast developmet of Ningbo port. The New combined port of Ningbo-Zhoushan has a ytraffic of 627,000,000 tons of cargo making it the second-largest port in the world after shanghai in terms of cargo volume.
Garments and Fabrics
Shanghai and the surrounding area has along history of tailoring and fabric production. Both in Jiangsu and in Zhejiang, from Nantong to Shaoxing there are very big clusters with thousands of factories working in this industry.

Metal Factory
Our factory work with all different ways to produce objects with this materials. Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron are only some of the metals with ACT working. We take a lot of attention of raw materials, we tested and control the manufacturing process since the origin, to the final product. We offer supplies of industrial fasteners, nuts, nails, fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts, but also Kitchenware and shop fitting. As requenst out manufacotry are able to produce with metal the items that you need.
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Wire Factory
Our manufacturers of elettrical wire must follow high standard and special quality. ACT we have technical experience , commercial and logistics competence, and we work for satisfy the demands of international customers. Its expertise is based on experience of five in the field of standard and special cables with copper conductors and insulation in thermoplastics. ACT has a very diverse range of products including single and multiform electrical cables, ropes, braids and copper connections. The technical knowledge, experience, attention to customer service and support on time are the cornerstones of the organization of the company and guarantee the constant quality of the products supplied.
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Quality Inspection Tool
Quality inspection tool at our manufacturers. Quality inspection is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. At ACT controls include product inspection, where every product is examined visually, and often using a stereo microscope for fine detail before the product is sold into the external market. Our inspector will be provided with different kind of tools for examine if the product follow the correct standards. Some tools used in our manufacture are :
• Projection measuring instrument
• concentricity measuring instrument
• rockwell hardometer
• vickers hardness tester
• X-ray fiuorescence spectrometer
• Salt spray test
• Film thickness measuring instrument
• metallographic sample polishing machine
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