Are you searching for new suppliers in Asia? You are a small-mid size company and you want to start a new collaboration in China for your business? ATC are the company for you. We act as an intermediary between the factories in Asia and the clients in Europe. Thus, you can buy directly in the factories, with no need to contact wholesalers or to have your staff in Asia to follow up the processes of purchases, certifications, logistics and customs operations. This will reflect in advantages in the cost savings strategy and in a more efficient logistics system. Thanks to our highly qualified staff and our offices both in Asia and Europe, we buy directly for you, dealing with all the processes, and we deliver products right to your place, without any problem or additional charge. You will interconnect just with us, and we will work for you, select the best options for your business. To get the best products at the best prices and to satisfy all your requests, we invented an original and innovative tool. We created a platform, a network made of free lances all over Asia who can help us research for factories and products one-stop trading


Our sourcing- and trading model is aimed at small- and medium-sized companies, who occasionally need to buy products from Asia, but prefer to deal with a trusted partner. After supplying us with the specifications of your product, we will organize the whole sourcing process for you and offer you a package for delivery right to your front door. Through our proven process for the procurement and supplier selection, we ensure you get the right goods at the right time. If you are interested in benefiting from our favorable purchasing prices and individual product design, just let us know. We create a non-binding and free feasibility study for your product. This includes approximate costs, quality, manufacturing processes and market overview. In detail, sourcing jobs follow this pattern: • After a short consultation with our customers, we refer them directly to our suppliers and let them produce cost-samples. • Once the samples’ quality is approved, the job is awarded to the cheapest supplier. • After completion of the products and an inspection by us or a third party, we will send you the goods as desired by air freight or sea freight. Upon request, we also undertake customs clearance and deliver your goods to a destination of your choice. Your advantages are: reduced inventory cost by lower minimum order quantities no need to deal with customs or logistics we negotiate with the producer on your behalf we do product development and adaption for you typically 30% cheaper than buying in your home market fully customized product

Challenges Since it's spectacular opening in the 1970s, China has been the factory of the world for numerous goods. While big multinational companies have used the country as a production base for many years, and now also the small and medium company can follow this example. Many advantages can be reach for all want to join this system of supply. While sourcing manufactured goods from China has never been easier than today, many challenges remain. To address just a few: o Finding the right factory for the job. o Buying at the right market price. o Knowing the key cost drivers. o Locating manufacturing clusters. Each of these problems can be solved on its own, if enough time and financial resources are available in long term. This is especially true for big companies with dedicated purchasing departments or niche players, who specialize in a single product category. Unfortunately, the tools, processes and methods these established players are using are not suitable for smaller companies, who operate on thinner margins and in a less predictable environment. Moreover, a big problem will be the inadequate knowledge of China economic system, for example is not easy found a trusted partner in few time. Our experience in China will provide you to avoid mistake and safe financial investment. Your advantage The Asia Trading sourcing platform is designed to provide you an information and time advantage in a fast-moving environment. We help you to focus on the key parts of the sourcing process. By using our service, you can: • Get a tailored list of potential suppliers. • Quickly find the current market price. • Find dominant manufacturing clusters for your goods. • Take the pain out of sample collection. • Reduce the administrative effort of supplier selection. • Spend less time doing research on the Internet. • Prepare quotations faster and get deals done quicker.

China is well known as "The World's Factory", and is it still true. Industry is the main pillar of China’s economy and, recently, China’s manufacturing industries have been experiencing profound changes. These changes involve individual firms’ sustainable competence, but also the agglomeration competitiveness at industrial level. China is still the cheapest and largest location retailers and manufacturers to source goods or parts. Among various changes, the most important is the phenomenon of regional clusters of specialized industries. In particular, cities such as Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Qingdao, Dalian, Suzhou and Hangzhou all offer strong commercial opportunities for foreign companies across a range of sectors. In each of the regional cluster localities, thousands of enterprises have been formed and clustered together. Through the analysis, the researchers affirm how the clusters sustain high performance of industry competitiveness, all this analysis are customer-needs oriented. ACT cooperation and work directly with many factories all over Asia, especially in China. Experience give us expertise in many product categories such as garments, building materials or outdoor equipment. This make us your reliable purchasing partner in Asia. Our team work for finds the best partner, and for control that our manufacture follow high standards requirements. Quality control system is a pivotal activity in our service. We have been working in the sourcing, supply chain and quality management sector for many years, and we will assist you from product development to the final delivery, purchasing directly from the factory and set up the production according to your requirements.