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PULICATI is brands of fashion leather accessory. The italian tradition of leather production have an heritage of many years of development and innovation, in this environment was founded PULICATI, distinguish for an elegant, sophisticated style. The constant research for quality is guarantee by the use of special raws materials, by the attention for strict requirements for handmade production, all this constitute the PULICATI core key for the international business. PULICATI have twenty years of success, built on the innovation and passion, that is visible by the elegant and unique products. In PULICATI itemes you will find all the "Made in Italy" features, which can be identified from the details of the product,and by the attention in every point of manufacturing sector. Creative and design team is leading by Carlo Pulicati. The team, majority composed by women, with professionalism and enthusiasm adding to PULICATI a unique style. PULICATI take inspiration from the last fashion trends, but also have attention for the timeless classic shapes. Products are made only by selected high-grade and sophisticated materials. These handmade products strictly follow the rules and procedures established by the top-level hand-technician. Every details are important for the PULICATI artisans. PULICATI brand products reflects the unique Italian passion and tradition for the beauty, in perfect harmony with strictly accurate handmade process.

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