Bicycles have been introduced in the 19th century and in many parts of the world they are still the principal means of transportation. We have been working in this industry since the very first days and have supplied a wide range of products to specialized retailers, shops and tour organizers across Europe. Our product range includes bicycle trailers, bike locks, pannier bags and many other accessories for cyclists. The last five years we have developed a strong cooperation with factories across China. Our products are fully customized based on the clients’ requests. Before every production we will develop either a digital or a real prototype of the product.

Bicycle trailers are becoming popular again. Many big cities are becoming more and more bike friendly and health conscious and eco friendly city dwellers like to take out their bikes on the weekend or even travel to work on a daily basis. We have developed the below items for our Italian customer and can offer a wide range of personalization options as well as pet and cargo trailers.

The newest addition to our products are E-bikes and E-scooters. This industry has been growing in past years. The new generation of eco friendly batteries last longer, weight less and are much smaller that previous models. The producers have also started to combine the battery and the design of the bike to make it look more homogeneous and the new E-Bikes don’t look bulky and heavy any more like their predecessors. E-scooters are the fastest growing scooter segment in China. In cities like Shanghai they have outnumbered the classical gasoline scoters and have become the most commonly used scooter in the metropolitan area.

Bikers like to personalize their bikes with many accessories some of them are mandatory like back and front lights, some are necessary like the bike lock and some are just for fashion purpose. Our customers can choose a wide range of innovative accessories. Each accessory can be personalized with logo and packed as per request

Our backpacks are made of polyester, nylon and canvas and we also produce a wide range of felt bags, travel & sport bags as well laptop bags