Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron are only some of the metal with ACT working. We take a lot of attention of raw materials, we tested and control the manufacturing process since the origin, to the final product. Good price, worthy quality and quick action on development are our target. Our people can speak good Germany, Italian, and Chinese. We have office and people in Italy, Austria, China.
In retail industry furniture and furnishing category has become more competitive. It becomes very important for retailers to differentiate themselves from each other . As the products are similar, and became pivotal the way that they can differentiate themselves in terms of visual merchandising. A creative shop layout can catch the attention of the consumers, and our simple solution can help you.
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We offer supplies of industrial fasteners, nuts, nails, fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts to design for the building, furniture and industry. The areas of application include construction, mechanical, electronics and furniture.
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The high quality of door and window hardware assure you functionally and design. From standard lines, the trim pieces and custom, we take attention to the manufacture and supply chain of our solutions for doors and windows. The result is a large production of handles and accessories tailored of custom needs.
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