ASIA TRADING & CONSULTING is a trading & consulting company based in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai, Italy, Iceland and Turkmenistan, which aims to provide a platform for all your business in Asia.

Successful business team


ATC was founded in 2011 by Fabio Camastra. Thanks to his strong experience in sourcing and trading, China business set-up and in-depth knowledge in emerging markets, ATC has rapidly developed into a medium sized company. While the first year was mainly dedicated to sourcing consumer products from Asia to Europe, our focus has expanded upon Manuel Riel joined the company as a partner in 2012. A successful IT-entrepreneur with his own e-commerce startup and MSc in Supply Chain Management, Manuel brought to ATC his digital marketing expertise along with five years of outstanding technical credentials in data analysis, networked computing, simulation and social networks.

In Early 2013 following Manuel’s relocation to Shanghai, both partners started to develop the China Market Entry Project.

Since 2014 Ólafur Sigurðsson is following the Scandinavian market from his office in Reykjavik, the UK market is managed by William Annan-Kobby and Germany by  Diedrich Baumann.  Our worldwide partners and consultants are at your disposal for any enquiry that you might have about doing business in Asia. Feel free to contact us.