Lifestyle & Sports

Our products in this section help people to stand out of the crowd. We are providing goods which identify the buyer, and she or he has the possibility to chooses the most suitable product. Furthermore, there are so many possibilities to modify and personalise your product  in any kind of way!

A world without mobile phones? For most of us this would be impossible. Lots of people are taking their phone everywhere and using it every day. Why not, they are really useful and helpful. But they can be pretty expensive too and therefore it is important to protect the phones in a nice way with covers and bumpers. This is also a good opportunity to personalise your mobile device in a nice and original way standing out of the crowd.

We at ATC can provide you with various covers and bumpers for any kind of mobile phone, which is on the current market. Especially if you desire special covers and bumpers for your needs, we can help you! We can customise these items, giving you the possibility to choose colours and features of the covers and whether printing your logo or other kind of images on them.

If you hate tying your laces, then this is probably something for you. Sticky feet are "open-feet" sandals typically worn in casual situations, put them in your suitcase when you pack for vacation and you can use them in your hotel room, outside or at the beach. They are similar to flip-flops, but without any strap at all. This kind of footwear goes back far to ancient Egypt in 4.000 B.C., but nowadays we do not need the strap anymore, the feet will stick on the flat sole. This product is so original and particular that anyone would like to try it! You can choose from many kinds of colours styles and sizes.

Originally pedometers were designed for sportive activities, but then they become more and more popular as an everyday exercise measurer and motivator. Especially pedometers with wireless functions which can be connected to the smart phone are booming right now. We can provide a fully customized pedometer for your needs and furthermore support you with the packaging and App-development.

Technical Features:

  • 3D accelerometer
  • Bluetooth to connect with the smart phone, tablet or PC
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Optional display
  • Pedometer functions: Calories burned, walking distance, walking steps, etc.

While doing sports the look and style are also very important. We can provide you with fully customized sport bags, of any colour or material. Sport bags. should also be useful and practical. Our bags can be equiped with a lot of extra features, according to your needs and ideas.