China is the world's most important developing consumer market. But enter in this market with no experience and know-how can be very expensive in terms of time and financial investment.
With the grown of middle class income, China’s demand for higher quality- and luxury goods it is growing.
China's interest in imported goods, especially from Europe and United States has become stronger than before. Our consulting model is aimed at small-, medium- to large sized companies, who plan to enter the Chinese Market.
We have gained five years of experience thanks to our collaboration with various European companies. If your company has a competitive product, this is the place to sell it.

Small, medium, or large companies, who plan to enter in the Chinese market can found a tailored services in ATC. After five years of experience we know that the existing market entry approaches have limited advantages. We know very well the different way for enter in this economic environment, and usually there is these: 1. Starting a new business in China. Starting a wholly foreign owned company in China requires an initial investment of about $150 000 and at least $65 000 annually for office rent and wages. This will need also time and every year new investments. Also, the return of the investments are not sure. 2. The collaboration with a distributor. With a distributor the margins will always decrease and he only provides limited growth beyond his existing customer base. Moreover, all control over the product will be give away, and although product will be sold to a foreign market, no market expertise can be gathered during that time. These solutions are not complete reliable for a long business in the China Market. This is why we provide a third option, called ‘assisted market entry’. It enables you to keep full control over your China operations at reasonable cost. It is our priority to help our customers to avoid classic mistakes made when entering a new market. After many years of trading and operating in China, we have gathered experience in various fields an built strong relationships with partners and operations, that will help us successfully manage a market entry for a new company. All ours experience will be at you service for your business. Assisted market entry means providing you with a full range of services directly in China and allows you to focus on your core business at a fraction of the typical cost. We are aware that every company has unique requirements. If your company needs a special infrastructure, we will provide a tailored services for a efficiency business in China. Our services cover every aspect a business requires when entering a new market. The services we can offer range from simple infrastructure tasks to complex marketing strategy and also managed sales operations.

The challenge of China market entry has become an interesting opportunity for Western companies of all shapes and sizes. Despite the economic downturn in United States and in Europe, China’s economy has continued to grow by a competitive rates over the last of years. With a population that exceeds 1.3 billion people and the increase of middle class, it is true that China represents a huge potential market for foreign manufactured goods and services. High quality, luxury and fashion goods represent the categories more requests in this market, a challenge that western firms can play with good result. Choosing the right vehicle for entry in this market is a pivotal and crucial decisions that a company have to face when entering in this economic context for the first time. At ACT we know that he entry mode often depends on a number of factors, the company goals, the characteristic and the size. Every industry is different and depending on your goals, your company needs different services. We have structured our offerings in four parts you can choose from. They include sales, marketing, infrastructure and supply chain services. Also, with our experience we know the China economic-law system and we will glad to help you to start a new business in the best way is possible.